5 tips to a healthier mindset

With the first half of the year already done it is important to check in to see if you are taking care of yourself and putting YOU and your goals first.
Here are five ways you can rest your mindset and self-reflect:

1. Create a vision board:
One way to set goals and refocus is to create a vision board. You can do it for the next six months of the year or go bigger and set up for the next five years. Where you create your vision board is up to you. Put it in a notebook so you can take it with you or above your desk to motivate you every day. Put up quotes, pictures, magazine articles, trinkets whatever will make you smile when you look at it and remind you where you are going.

2. Social Media Break: This is key for self-reflection. Whether it be an hour, a day or a week. A social media break is great to take time to hang out with just you and your thoughts. If a long social media break seems too much, start by putting your phone or computer down 1-2 hours before bed. Take that time to read or hang out with your family, your brain will thank you for it.

3. Start a journal: This can be a planner, a memory journal, a diary or even an art journal. Creating something that belongs to just you is an ideal way to organise your mind. The bonus of a journal is that it not only is a way to be creative but also a way to set goals. It can be anything you want it to be. You just need paper and a pen.

4. Exercise: January may seems like the best time to start a new exercise routine but July is just as good. If you aren’t up to joining a gym or starting a twelve week challenge, a simple walk might be more up your alley. There are gorgeous walking tours around most cities. These can range from history walks to an amazing outdoor trek amongst nature. A simple walk to the corner store to grab milk and ditching the car might also be just enough.

5. Sleep: How are you sleeping this July? In the Southern Hemisphere it’s Winter so the days are shorter and ideal for cosy blankets. So sleep should be easy. If you find yourself sleeping less than six hours a night it might be time to go to bed a little earlier and stop staying up to watch Ninja Warrior (they replay it anyway)

While, point five might not suit everybody. (Newborn parents, I’m looking at you.) Implementing just a couple of these ideas, will set you up for tackling July, August and beyond.

Above all, just relax and even if it is just fifteen minutes, don’t forget to take time for you.