Breaking A Bad Habit!

Habit Tracker

It is a widely held belief that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Like the name suggests, a habit is a long-term behaviour that we have gotten used to. While some habits can be considered good (e.g. regularly brushing your teeth, flossing or going to the gym) some are not so great. So, if you are a nail biter, a chocoholic or you want to decrease your intake of coffee, here are some tips to get you on track.

Choose a habit: It probably seems obvious but firstly choose which habit you want to break. If you have several habits that you want to stop, it is important that you only pick one at a time. While it may be frustrating, your chances of success are much higher if you do one at a time.

Choose a time: Breaking this habit with take roughly thirty days so it is best to start on the first day of the month. Pick a month that you know will not be too busy or filled with events. December is not ideal due to Christmas and holidays, but January would be a great way to start off the year.

Put it in your calendar: Next step is to write it down! Open your calendar and allocate the days you will be breaking the habit. Set up a goals page to accompany your calendar so you write down all the reasons that breaking this habit is important to you. This will help keep you focussed in the coming days.

Habit Tracker: If you are not using a habit tracker in your planner, now would be the time to start. It is a way for you to mark off the days that you achieved your goal. Didn’t eat chocolate? Cross it off. Caffeine free? Cross it off. This tracking system will give you instant gratification.

Reward yourself: What will you do once you reach your goal of 30 days? It is important to reward yourself once you have achieved your goals. Whether it be a present or a day out for yourself, you must have something to look forward to. Stick this reward on the fridge or the mirror in your bathroom. Make sure it is somewhere you can see every day.

Breaking a habit is not easy but following these tips will help you focus and plan to achieve your goals.

Just remember if your habit breaking is health related such as quitting smoking, it is important that you consult your doctor before you make any big changes.