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2019 is less than a month away! Can you believe it? 

This year has rushed past us and with a  blink of an eye it is almost over. As the new year approaches many of us are thinking about our New Years Resolutions and what we want to achieve in the new year. Whether it is loosing those few extra kilos, starting a new career or focusing on a new hobby. There are many resolutions that we want to make and sadly a lot of the time we do not stick to them.

When creating your resolutions try to look at it as a SMART goal instead of a quick fix resolution. A SMART goal is a goal that is; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Using this method will help you to make a goal that you can track and keep to.

Specific – You need to be specific in what you want to achieve. There is no point having a goal to ‘get a new job’ without an idea of what you want to do or where you would like to look.

Measurable – Making your goal measurable means that you are able to track your progress and see the change happen. A lot of the time when we set our new years resolutions we get disheartened and stop trying to achieve it because we can not see the results and loose motivation.

Achievable – As much as we all want to set a resolution to wake up with a million dollars in the bank account, it probably wont happen. Set a goal that you will actually be able to achieve. You still need to work towards your goal and push yourself to achieve it, just make it something you can get to.

Realistic – Again with the million dollars in the bank account. It just won’t happen overnight. Set your goals as something realistic that you will be able to get to. Even if you start with a few smaller goals that get you towards one big one. Instead of saying you want to loose 20 kilos, set your goal to 5kg to start with and then build from there.

Timely – Set a date for your goal to be achieved. If you leave it as an open ended goal you will keep putting it off and off and then eventually giving up. Having a date to have it done by will keep you motivated and pushing yourself to get it done.