Let's get ready for summer with these simple hacks

Getting fit is one of life’s great challenges. Everybody seems to want to be fit or even fitter. We want the ‘perfect body’ or to have more energy on any given day. Starting is an even harder task so if your ready to get in the fitness zone, here are some tips for you!

Goal Setting: As always, one of the first steps is to write your goals down. Do you want to eat better? Exercise more? Lose weight? Gain weight? Write it down. Determine if these goals are achievable and set a timeframe to achieve them. Make sure this time frame is realistic. It will take at least three months to get even close to where you want to be.

Make A Plan: Now that your goals are set it is time to put them in place. Take the biggest task and break it into bite sized chunks. For example: exercising more. What exercise will you do? Can you exercise with a friend? Would it be easier to join a gym? If the answer is yes to any of those then don’t waste time. Call the friend immediately to put in a concrete plan. Go to the gym and sign up as soon as possible. Leaving anything longer than a week and you won’t do it. Do it now.

Look the part: We all feel better about ourselves if we are comfortable. So, let’s fake it until we make it! Go and buy some clothes that you can work out in that will make you happy. Buy a pretty drink bottle that will make you smile when you look at it. Get cute lunch boxes that you can put your fruit it or a fancy looking yoga mat. This will get you in the frame of mind to start and it is super fun to do.

Track your progress: While it will take a long time to feel different, tracking how you are going will keep you focussed. Whether you are watching your intake of water increase every day or your strength increasing gradually, set up a planner to tracker everything. It can also include new exercises you like or new recipes you have tried.

Keep going: No matter what anybody says, you will hit a slump or a road block on your way to your goal. There is nothing wrong with that. Take a break, take a breather and reset. Follow the one-week rule again. Aim to be back on track before the week is out.

The journey to a fitter and healthier life is a long game. While it won’t be easy, starting this plan will place you in the right direction.

Anyway, Target and Kmart have bright patterned leggings for $10 and that a good as reason as any to start.

Fitness Tracking Journal


Track meals, challenge yourself to a 28 day body fat challenge or maybe a 28 day booty challenge.  Stay inspired with your measurements and progress photos every 4 weeks as well as a space to keep record of your favourite healthy recipes (so you never run out of ideas).