Planning tips to make your new financial year a success!

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July is here! Can you believe it? It’s the start of the new financial year and it’s the perfect time to get your life back on track for the last half of 2018. Christmas is on the horizon and there is planning and lists to be done. So, here are some planning tips to make July and the upcoming months a success!

1) Brain Dump: a common term in the planning world, a brain dump is exactly what it sounds like. It is a method of getting everything from your brain down on paper. Grab a blank sheet or the note page in your planner and write every thought or idea you have and what you need done in the next six months.

2) Master task list: Next; separate everything you have written down into a master task list. Write all the tasks down one side of the page and sort them into categories (personal, goals, work, school, events etc). Assign a colour for each category so you can clearly see how many tasks you have per category. You can also sort tasks in terms of urgency. The choice is up to you!

Master Task List Diary

3) Monthly Pages: It is now time to set up your monthly calendar. Start with July and input all your events, school start times and tasks that are set by date. You can decorate by using washi tape, stickers, coloured pencils or illustrations. Continue this through all the months until there are no more dated tasks.

4) Weekly Pages: Open your first week in July and allocate the events for this week. Next go through the master task list and determine what from the list can be achieved this week and place them under each day. (Note: Try to stick to three tasks a day to not overwhelm yourself) Using the do list in your weekly spread, list the tasks that you would like to complete that week if you have the time. Once your daily tasks are complete head on over to your to do list and start working through it! Don’t forget to decorate!

At the end of each week, take an assessment of what you have achieved and migrate any tasks that you didn’t complete. This process will help to get your brain organised for the end of the financial year. Have fun planning and most importantly don’t forget to do your TAX!