Wedding tips to help save you money!

Wedding Planning Tips

Finding the love of your life is one of life’s great joys and deciding to marry them is an even greater feeling.
Creating your dream Pinterest wedding on budget can definitely burst that joy bubble. Now that you have your budget, here are some tips for to help you stay on track and still have the best day of your life.

Create a vision: Firstly, decide what you actually want. Create a vision board on either pinterest or a physical one in your house. Take time doing this. Do not rush it. Get everything in place that you have dreamed of and use this as your guide in the coming months. Have this somewhere that you can see at a moment’s glance. Make sure you love it.

Research: Now that you know your vision it is time to research. Start with the things that are nonnegotiable. Lock in the big things such as venues, transport and food. Will it be cheaper to do this yourself? Or would it be better to choose an all-inclusive venue that does the work for you. Make sure you determine how much time you can give to the wedding if you do choose to do it yourself. Time should always be considered a factor when it comes to your budget especially if it takes you away from work.

Get help: Planning a wedding is something that you can’t do alone. Allocate a friend or bridesmaid that you know will give you tough love when your head is in the clouds and you have watched too many episodes of ‘Say yes to the dress’. Utilise those arounds you that have skills that can be used. Do you know a photographer, a chef, a designer or a florist? Ask if they can help you out for a lesser cost or if you can negotiate a price.

Deligate: Are you happy for your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses? Are you willing to share an air bnb with your friends before the big day? Are you even happy for guests to bring a plate of food? Just remember to be cautious if you are delegating and ask people before they commit. Your bridesmaids should know of any costs before they agree to be by your side.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time but don’t forget to have fun. Whether it is taking time out with your fiancé to de-stress or spending one day a week not planning, enjoy the time. If you’re lucky this is the one time in your life you will get this opportunity.