Surviving the school holidays (or lockdown) with these easy activities

Surviving the school holidays (or lockdown) with these easy activities

Surviving the school holidays (or lockdown) with these easy activities

Who is ready for the typical “I am bored, there is nothing to do” remarks from their little ones once the school holidays start? Chances are a lot of you just nodded your heads.

With school holidays only a few weeks away there is going to be a lot of time at home with your kids and trying to find things to keep them occupied. You do not need to spend a lot of money these school holidays, there are plenty of activities you can do and places you can go without having to break the bank.

Making Slime – Slime is HUGE at the moment and every child under the age of 10 has probably begged their parents to make it. It is a fun and interesting activity that not only keeps them amused but also gives them a chance to mix and make it themselves and watch the reactions happen – instant science lesson 😉There are now kits that you can buy that have all the ingredients in them and you can let the kids pour and mix it themselves.

 Ice Excavating – Another fun task that can be done at home is ice excavating. Simply grab a couple of food containers, fill with water and then add in a few little toy figures such as dinosaurs, put in the freezer and leave to set. Once frozen pop out of the container. Set up outside with the kids, paintbrushes and chopsticks. They can chip away at the ice and discover the toys inside like a real life archaeologist.

Picnic at the Park – A simple and cost effective activity is to pop down to your local park for a play and a picnic. The park is a great way for the kids to let off steam and burn energy whilst having fun and exploring. Setting up a picnic under the shade of a big tree for lunch before another play starts. Don’t forget your hats and sunscreen!

Indoor Cubby Houses – Everyone loves a good cubby house and if you are stuck inside on a raining day a cubby house is the way to go. Set up chairs as the walls and drape a large sheet over the top. Pop pillows and stuffed toys inside and let the kids imaginations go wild. Cubby houses are a great way to let their imaginations take them on a journey and will keep them occupied for ages!

Crafts – You can never go wrong with setting up a craft table. Pop down to your local two dollar store and stock up on a bunch of different craft supplies including paper, glue, glitter and markers. This is going to be messy but they will have so much fun with it that it won’t matter about the clean up.

School holidays don’t need to be boring, stressful or expensive. There is so much you can do at home on a budget and as long as they are smiling – that is all that matters.