Our Top Tax Tips!

Our Top Tax Tips!

Our Top Tax Tips!

It’s TAX time.

Yep, that time of the year when 99% of us find out how unorganised we have been for the past year.

Here are our top tips so next year is a breeze. All you need is an expandable folder and you are set! It really isn’t as hard as it seems.

These are some suggested categories (personalise to suit yourself) to label the sections of your folder.

- Income
- Medical
- Donations
- Child care costs
- Business or professional deductions
- Misc.
- Receipts for other deductions
- Payments of tax made throughout the year (such as for quarterly estimated taxes, etc.)

Have a slot for your copy of your filed tax return, once it is completed.

Every time you get something that relates to tax, file them under the heading.
By the end of the financial year, you will have everything in one place.